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10 Absolutely Useless Baby Products

10 Absolutely Useless Baby Products (for me at least)

When you are pregnant everyone wants to buy you things. It’s really a nice gesture, and that is why we have baby showers. If you know someone who is pregnant and will be going to their baby shower, please avoid these items. And if you are a soon to be mom, you may want to steer clear of registering for these.

  1. Travel Wipes container – I thought this was going to be a must have and I was excited when I got it, but you know what, I used it once, and haven’t used in since. The reason is, it holds very few wipes. If we are gone for any amount of time and have a couple of dirty diapers, they are gone. Then I have to remember to fill it up before we leave again. I have found that spending $6 on a pack of 3 to go wipes works so much better. You run less risk of running out, plus they come in a package with a dispenser top like your at home container, making it easier to use. (I realize some of the newer refillable ones do now, but they do not hold enough for 24+ hours away from home.)
  2. Infant Shoes – Seriously, who puts shoes on a newborn? I know they are cute,  but the baby can’t stand up so they don’t need shoes. I don’t think I need to explain this any further. Once they can walk, they are nice, but until then, just stick with the socks that look like shoes.
  3. Wipes Warmer – So I never actually got one of these, but I have a friend who had one, and I found it ridiculous. I may change my mind one day, but my daughter does just fine without the warmer. Plus I don’t have to worry about her flipping out because the wipes are cold when we go somewhere, because you can’t always be at home.
  4. Formula Pro – Another thing I never actually received, but again, I have to add it because I find it crazy that someone would pay that amount of money for something like this. It isn’t that hard to make formula so I find this a total waste of $125+.
  5. Baby Bottle Sterilizer – Ok, so I will limit the things I didn’t get to 3, and this will be the last one. You only have to sterilize the bottles before the first use, after that, just washing in soapy water does the trick. Do you sterilize all of your dishes? I didn’t think so. So, you don’t have to sterilize your babies bottles.
  6. Stuffed Animals – Seriously, stop people! Everyone wants to buy stuffed animals for babies, and they keep multiplying. We got stuffed animals at the baby shower, after she was born, for Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and her birthday. I can only imagine how many we will have by the time she is 16! Babies can’t even play with then yet, so please, just stop buying all the stuffed animals.
  7. Baby Powder – I have yet to use the mounds of baby powder I got from my shower. I have no use for it. I don’t put it in her diaper because Aquaphor and Desitin work so much better for her. If any of you have a use for baby powder you want to share, please do, because I have 3 big containers of it, plus some travel containers!
  8. Infant Crib Sets – Just like the one linked. Go ahead, click on it (*disclaimer – it is an affiliate link, but I do NOT make anything unless you buy the product, which I am actually saying is a waste of money). They are super cute, and I get it, you want to tie your whole nursery together. But, they come with a sheet, bumpers, comforter, and skirt. You can only use half of the set. As a nurse and advocate for safe sleep I have to tell you that having things in the crib increases the risk of SIDS, so you should not use the bumpers and comforter. You can still have the super cute nursery look; just buy the fitted sheets, and maybe a mobile.
  9. Newborn Clothing – It’s cute and oh so tiny! But, you know what, everyone and I mean everyone wants to buy newborn clothing, and babies are in it for just a few days, maybe a week or two if you are lucky (unless you have a preemie). So, if you are one of those people who buys newborn clothes for a baby shower gift, don’t complain when the baby doesn’t wear that cute outfit!
  10. Newborn Baby diapers – Along with the newborn clothes, most babies are in size one when they are born (again, unless you have a preemie). I received so many size newborn and size one diapers at my shower that I was using them when I should have been using size two diapers. My suggestion, buy size three diapers, those are the ones I usually by and the ones we have been using the longest.

Just another quick tip, limit the number of blankets. Everyone wants to buy blankets, but if you see that several packs have already been bought, it’s okay to stay away from them. You have to figure that there are also going to be handmade blankets. Honestly, have at least 15 receiving blankets, 5 (maybe more) heavier blankets, and 10+ handmade blankets. I tried to cycle through all the receiving blankets, but I didn’t need that many. Plus, the handmade ones mean more and those are the ones we use most (not that the others aren’t nice when I don’t want to risk the others getting ruined).

Now you know what not to buy for a baby shower. Please, do the poor pregnant mother some justice and stay away from these things. I am not saying you can never buy these, for some people they may work, but for me they were a waste of money.

What was something you got from your baby shower that was useless?

Thanks for reading, Cassie

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